Iceland Health Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement Review

Iceland Health omega-3 fish oil supplement review

Can 30 days on fish oil change your body? If it's Iceland Health, yes! That was my experience. 

My Switch from Flaxseed to Fish Oil

For over four years, flaxseed oil was my source for omega-3s. But last month I did something crazy. I switched to fish oil.

Not Your Average Omega-3

The product I tried was Iceland Health's Omega Ultimate Shield, which provides a whopping 77% omega-3 in each capsule.

I didn't expect much, but I was wrong.  For the first time, I had almost no menstrual cramps! I also noticed amazingly smooth skin in just 30 days.

What I Wish I Knew Four Years Ago, Now Yours for Free

If you are considering omega-3s, I hope this supplement review will help.

While you can avoid mercury contamination and other fish issues through plant sources like flaxseed, the right fish oil can be a much better fit. It's the difference between doing the right thing and really experiencing it.

Health and Happiness in a Bottle

Named after the third happiest people in the world, Iceland Health has devoted 30+ years to bottling the Icelanders' secret to far less disease, almost no obesity, and long healthy and productive lives, which is their rich supply of pure omega-3 fish oil. 

Unhappy and Unhealthy Americans (SAD)

The people of Iceland eat over 200 pounds of fatty fish every year. Compare that to the Standard American Diet (SAD)!

Americans are quite possibly the most diseased and drugged people on earth. We also consume maybe one-fifth the omega-3s the happy, healthy Icelanders do.

A Pure Fish Oil from Start to Finish

Iceland Health is one of the few companies in the world that controls the entire manufacturing process, from the sourcing of deep ocean fish to their own molecular distillation plant. Their fish oil is guaranteed fresh, potent, and pure.

Why Fish Oil Is the Best Omega-3

Plant sources such as flaxseed supply alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which your body must convert to eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexanoic acid (DHA). For most people, this results in low levels of EPA and DHA. Fish sources, on the other hand, directly supply both EPA and DHA for better absorption.

My Experience with Fish Oil Versus Flaxseed

Perhaps the direct EPA and DHA made all the difference for me. It's not that flaxseed didn't work. Over time, my menstrual cramps slowly dropped from 10 days a month to 2.

But in just 30 days on the fish oil, I dropped to just 3 hours of menstrual cramps! I also noticed very smooth skin sometime during the second week and better vision beginning day 1. 

Omega Ultimate Shield

Omega-3 the Easy Way

I'm not into taking lots of supplements, but I would say omega-3s are a must, especially to balance the omega-6s in a Western diet. And if you want real results, go direct with fish oil. 

Do be careful to choose a safe fish oil supplement without mercury. One you can definitely trust is Iceland Health.

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