Dr. Hulda Clark's Kidney Cleanse

Dr. Hulda Clark's Kidney Cleanse

This six-week kidney cleanse by Dr. Hulda Clark helps detoxify and heal the delicate filtering system in your kidneys, which can easily become overwhelmed - especially with liver cleansing or other detox.

If you have known kidney disease, you may need longer than six weeks. But the cleanse is not hard to do. 

Dr. Hulda Clark's method includes an herbal cherry tea that is easy to prepare in advance plus supplements. I really like the tea as is, but you can add natural sweetener or spices if you would like.

Recipe for Cherry Herbal Tea


  • 1/2 cup dried hydrangea root
  • 1/2 cup dried gravel root
  • 1/2 cup dried marshmallow root 
  • Two 8-ounce bottles black cherry concentrate
  • 4 bunches fresh parsley (2 inch diameter at stems)
  • Goldenrod tincture (if you are not allergic)
  • Hydrochloric acid (HCl), optional
  • Vitamin B2 powder, optional 


Prepare half the tea and half the parsley water, enough for your first three weeks.

For the tea, soak 1/4 cup of each dried herb in 10 cups water for 4 hours or overnight. Include a pinch vitamin B2 powder if desired. Heat the mixture to boil then simmer 20 minutes. Add 8 ounces black cherry concentrate and boil again. Strain into two jars.

For the parsley water, soak two bunches fresh parsley in water for 2 minutes. If desired, include a pinch of B2 powder and 1 drop HCl per cup of water for purity. Drain then add 2 pints fresh water and boil 1 minute. Strain into two jars.

Freeze one jar tea and one jar parsley water, and refrigerate the other two. Or first combine the parsley water and tea before freezing half and refrigerating the other.

Repeat the same process for the second batch.

Complete Instructions by Hulda Clark

Find more detailed instructions from The Cure for All Advanced Cancers in this PDF file: Dr. Hulda Clark's Kidney Cleanse 

Taking the Supplements and Tea

Kidney cleanse tea

Each day mix 3/4 cup tea with 1/2 cup parsley water or use 1-1/4 cups total if already combined. Stir in 20 drops goldenrod tincture.

You may also add 4 drops HCl and a pinch of B2 powder for purity. Your choice of spices and natural sweetener may also be used.

Keep the mixture cold and sip it gradually throughout the day to avoid a tummy ache. Every third day, boil both the tea and parsley water to prevent spoiling.


  • Ginger, one with each meal (three per day)
  • Uva ursi, one with breakfast, two with dinner
  • Vitamin B6 250 mg, one a day
  • Magnesium oxide 300 mg, one a day

How to Achieve the Best Results

Be careful when choosing a supplier for your herbs. They must have a strong fragrance to be effective. If not, you are wasting your time. Do not use powdered herbs.

Kits are also available.

Continue the cleanse at least six weeks, longer for severe kidney issues. Repeat twice a year for optimal kidney health.

Want to Learn More? 

You can find a wealth of information in Dr. Hulda Clark's books, with treatments for a variety of specific ailments - even cancer and AIDS! 

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