Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional freedom techniques (EFT) for better emotional health

What if you could tap your problems away? Emotional freedom techniques is like that.

It is a simple yet profound way to free yourself from painful feelings, limiting beliefs, destructive memories, and even physical imbalance.

And it came from a very unlikely source, Gary Craig, who was actually an engineer by trade. Spurred on by the desire to find the key to emotional balance, Gary researched 40 years before finding something truly unique.

Empowered to Heal 

The difference between EFT and other roads to emotional health is that EFT is empowering. Real transformation can happen very quickly, where traditional therapies often take lots of time and money - and may never get you there. 

It is putting a very strategic tool into your own hands. You can learn it with the help of a therapist or simply teach yourself.

Ultimately the tool becomes yours, whenever and wherever you need it. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques Go Beyond the Basics

EFT goes deep to unlock and clear even stubborn emotional baggage. it is not erasing memories but removing the sting, almost magically.

Phobias melt away, and so do depression, anxiety, and even certain health issues, addictions, or barriers to peak performance. 

An Evidence-Based Intervention

If you are familiar with the energy healing meridians used in acupuncture, you have a good starting point for learning emotional freedom techniques.

EFT involves tapping the acupuncture meridians to remove areas of energy blockage that contribute to negative emotions, illness, addiction, poor performance, etc.

It Works - Even If You Don't Know Why! 

But even if you don't understand energy healing or laugh at tapping for emotional health, EFT can still work. Belief and understanding are not required.

What is important is proper technique on your own or with a trained EFT practitioner.

"Caged birds accept each other, but flight is what they long for."

- Tennessee Williams

How to Get Started with EFT

There are many variations out there, but it's best to build a solid foundation based on original EFT:

EFT Universe - official emotional freedom techniques website

EFT Universe provides everything you need, including free tutorials and other print media, a newsletter, and a great selection of videos showing EFT in action, like this one:

Veterans with post traumatic stress disorder healed by EFT

If you prefer a print copy, The EFT Manual by Gary Craig teaches everything you need to know about EFT in a simple format with practical application.

You will be amazed at how easy EFT is - and how powerful.

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