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Cleansing products online

The market for cleansing products has become littered with toxic imposters, as you probably have seen. Many are easy to spot by their thick layer of hype.

But the challenge is to weed out health supplements and other "natural" items that appear legitimate but actually don't work and may even damage your health. Below are a few suppliers I recommend.


I remember the day I needed an obscure herb and wondered where in the world to find it. That's when I discovered iHerb! And I was blown away by their selection.

Just about everything you need for body cleansing and natural healing can be found at a reasonable price, with free shipping available, bulk discounts, free samples, and plenty of specials.

Thousands of Products and Reviews 

The best part to me is the ability to learn from others and find just what I need by browsing and reading customer reviews.

iHerb's huge selection of over 35,000 products includes detox, vitamins and herbs (popular and hard to find), health supplements, products for pets, healthy home supplies, bath and beauty, healthy snacks, and more. 

Save on Your First Order

Use coupon code FES037 and save up to $10 the first time you buy!

Blessed Herbs

Blessed Herbs is a family business founded by Michael and Martha Volchok out of personal experience with illness and the path to healing they found through body cleansing.

Martha Volchok is a master herbalist whose quality supplements and cleansing products formulated with wild-crafted herbs are trusted today by health practitioners and individuals around the world. 

Cleansing Kits That Work!

Blessed Herbs has a fantastic colon cleanse, which is by far the best of all the ones I tried. They also offer detox for parasites and a complete internal cleanse as well as a selection of potent individual herbs and products.

A neat perk is the detailed information Blessed Herbs provides on cleansing and digestive health, along with personal testimonies and inspiration to help you succeed.

GHC Global Healing Center

Global Healing Center believes the body has self-healing mechanisms, and optimal health is possible without depending on a medical doctor.

Healthy Inside and Out

Dr. Edward Group and his team have created an outstanding product line to protect you from toxic exposures, things like air and water purifiers and EMF protection.

You will also find a nice collection of detox products, supplements, healthy snacks, pet care products, and more.

One big plus is GHC's focus on education through their extensive online video and article library. You can also read testimonies about products before you buy.

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