Which Cleanse Do You Start With?

Which cleanse do I start with?

The cleanse is an excellent way to improve your health built on the foundation of natural healing.

Through body cleansing, it is often possible to eliminate illness, chronic pain, and feelings of fatigue. Cleansing can even help you lose body fat - and keep it off.

Are You Ready to Cleanse?

All of this sounds wonderful, of course. But the results you achieve depend a lot on your level of commitment.

If you want a quick fix and not many lifestyle changes, then body cleansing is probably not for you. But if you are ready to commit to a natural healing journey that takes time, today is a great day to begin.

Body Cleansing Order

Is there an order for cleansing? Yes and no.

Target Cleansing 

It is possible to choose just one method and achieve significant results. Cleansing your colon, for example, can be like magically turning on your wellness switch. Heal you gut, and everything starts to fall in line.

Target cleanse or whole body?

Fasting detox goes even further, letting your body focus on healing, wherever the need is greatest. You can really accomplish a lot with this discipline once you get past wrong beliefs.

But for many people, the first detox opens a door to new possibilities. Suddenly the idea of feeling good and stepping away from chronic illness seems not only doable but truly worth whatever it takes.

Deep Cleansing Your Body Will Love

When one detox is not enough and you already know you want to give your body the gift of freedom, head to toe, here is a good plan to consider:

Systematic Body Cleansing

Colon and parasites twice a year (together or separate).

Dental cleanup (mercury fillings, root canals, gum disease).

Kidneys twice a year.

Liver and gallbladder every 2-3 weeks then twice a year.

The order can be important for best results, especially starting with a clean digestive tract to maximize elimination.

Flushing your liver and gallbladder will go on for several months.

Take a break during that time to again address your kidneys, at least twice a year. You need their filtering mechanism to quickly purge the extra toxic waste.

Other Cleansing Methods

There are many other ways to detoxify that can be done on their own or in addition to the above. Here are a few to consider:   

Detox Bath

Master Cleanse


Emotions (EFT)

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