What Is Body Cleansing?

Like the beating of your heart, body cleansing is an automatic process that goes mostly unnoticed. It is your body's natural way of purging toxins and waste.

Body cleansing is a natural process

Whatever your body takes in gets processed, whether applied to your skin or drawn in through breathing or digestion.

Your body's goal is to maintain health by keeping and maximizing the good while eliminating the bad.

This natural detoxification works fine when your body receives proper nutrition, exercise, and rest with only limited exposure to harmful agents and toxins.  

When Your Body Needs Help

A toxic imbalance will overload or overstress your body and begin to weaken it, making it prone to disease. 

Stress obviously has a negative impact, and most of us will admit to not getting enough sleep or exercise. But the surprise factor for many people is the common problem of inadequate nutrition coupled with toxin overload.

"People build strong healthy bodies from the correct foods, or they build  diseased bodies from incorrect foods."
- Stanley Burroughs, author of
The Master Cleanser

Not Enough Nutrients to Keep You Strong

What is considered healthy nutrition today comes from well-crafted advertising.

Or you might call it brainwashing, because now it is common to see no nutritional difference between packaged meals from a store or restaurant and those we prepare from nutrient-rich foods ourselves.

Blindly we trust these companies to really mean what they say, forgetting their processed food industry is all about profit, no matter what chemical dyes, flavors, or preservatives that goal requires. Your health is your own problem, not theirs.

Way Too Many Toxins Bringing You Down

Add to this the growing number of toxins we breathe or absorb through the skin in the form of soaps, lotions, deodorants, air fresheners, cleaning products, fertilizers, bug killers, and so on. And we haven't even mentioned the countless medications we have come to depend on. Even some health supplements are chemical nightmares.

All of this leads to a huge imbalance in the body, with not nearly enough nutrition and way too many toxins.

A Body in Balance Does Not Get Sick

How often we speak of "something going around" when the topic of sickness comes up. These terrible illnesses spread through coworkers or the man with a hacking cough in the supermarket line, and it's like we are the victim with no way to stop the attack. And yet a body that is healthy and well nourished on the inside, not overwhelmed by toxins, has all the strength it needs to avoid getting sick at all.

How to Get Started with Body Cleansing

If you are experiencing symptoms like these, it is a sure sign your natural cleansing process needs a little help. Here are some basics to get you started.

Let natural healing work for you

Let Natural Healing Work 

How to succeed at body cleansing

 Cleansing  Products

Which cleanse to start with

Systematic Body Cleanse

Understanding a healing crisis

Understanding a Healing Crisis

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