Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Review

Blessed Herbs colon cleanse

Although I could write a colon cleanse review on several products at this point, the only one worth my time and yours is Blessed Herbs.

I just completed their nine-day cleanse, and I feel absolutely amazing.  

Start with a Colon Cleanse

A colon cleanse is the place to begin if you are looking to overhaul your health or finally lose that extra weight. This prepares your body to clear toxins with the cleanses that follow. But even on its own, colon cleansing can produce significant changes in your skin, energy level, and how you look and feel. It's enough to turn some skeptics into cleansing fanatics. 

Colon cleansing is what began restoring my own health. I have completed four different colon cleanses now - all different methods. So I hope this colon cleanse review will offer perspective if cleansing is on your agenda.

What I Tried Before Blessed Herbs

My first colon cleanse was about six years ago. It was a two-month cleanse, and into my second month I knew the cleanse was working.

If I weren't so shy, I could have posted some spectacular pictures of mucoid plaque. What came out of my body was appalling, but what impressed me more was the way my skin cleared up and I needed a lot less coffee to stay alert. I don't know if I lost inches around my waist, but I did lose five pounds and felt lighter on the inside.

In the years following, I tried a series of P&B shakes and later a two-day kit from a different company. It would be impossible to give a fair colon cleanse review on either of those methods since I may have cleansed too soon or not long enough. I did note results, but nothing significant.  

Fast forward a couple more years to January 2012. Since fall, I had been thinking of doing something serious for the new year to lose weight and address the clogged pores that had come back on my forehead - probably from all the recent liver cleanses. I figured colon cleansing would clear my skin again and jump start my weight loss.

Blessed Herbs

Colon cleanse with juice fasting

I have always had a great deal of respect for Blessed Herbs. I knew their colon cleansing kit would be top notch. Yet I didn't take the plunge earlier because I wasn't sure I was the juice-fasting type.

Not that I had to do a juice fast. The kit allows you to choose your method. The best option does include five days of juice fasting in a nine-day format. But the other two require no fasting at all. It is really very flexible, and there are detailed instructions to help you succeed whatever your situation.

Will I Survive a Juice Fast?

Turns out that the juice fasting method was very easy. I actually enjoyed the simplicity of the juice fast and how energetic I felt. Whenever I was hungry, I just drank more juice - although it was hard to get that hungry because the toxin absorber kept my tummy basically full.    

Most people get results the third day with the Blessed Herbs juice fasting option, but I was seeing mucoid plaque by the end of day 1. It is hard to miss when you are eating no solid food at all.

I was actually kind of disappointed to see how much I needed to cleanse again. But when I think back, most of my dietary changes have been pretty recent. It was good to get a fresh start.

Absorb toxins while you cleanse

If I could pick a favorite of the four colon cleanses I've done, it's definitely Blessed Herbs. With the fasting option, the toxin absorber can latch on to old waste and quickly move it out. I felt a pulling sensation in my gut the first few days, but by day five everything was pretty much gone.

My skin cleared up, and I even lost a couple of pounds. Plus something about juice fasting gave me a new desire to cut portions and eat right. To get such amazing results in about a week is phenomenal.

While it is tempting to go for a cheaper kit or something that seems easy, results are the bottom line. Many health practitioners recommend the Blessed Herbs colon cleansing kit because it works. And their customer testimonials speak for themselves.

I hope this colon cleanse review gives you some insight from a personal perspective. The Blessed Herbs website can answer other questions you may have. 

Happy cleansing!

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