Biological Dentists for Whole-Body Healing and Safety

Biological dentists you can trust

Biological dentists are more and more in demand as the connection between oral health and overall health can no longer be denied.

Unsafe Dentistry Exposed

It is now well known that an infection in your mouth, even hidden under a root canal filling, puts your body in a compromised state. Also the mercury in silver amalgam really does cause disease as it deposits in bodily tissues over time.

Once you realize your dental amalgam needs replacing or a root canal needs to come out, it is extremely important that you choose the right professional to do the work.

Biological Dentists Know How to Keep You Safe

Biological dentists, also known as holistic dentists or mercury-free dentists, are by far your best option for whatever dental work you need to have done, even basic care.

It can be tempting to visit a regular dentist for insurance or other reasons, but that could be disastrous. Special care must be taken as dental amalgam, root canal teeth, or other toxins are removed, and you won't get that from a traditional dentist.

How to Find Your New Dentist

Below are several organizations that can educate you on mercury poisoning, root canals, and many other aspects of safe dentistry. Each also maintains a database of qualified holistic dentists, so you can find a trained professional to meet your needs.

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

The IAOMT is a group of dentists, physicians, and researchers who are involved in peer-reviewed scientific research, education, and the promotion of biological dentistry. The IAOMT encourages the use of biocompatible materials and appropriate protocols to ensure whole-body patient health. Search their database for an IAOMT dentist.

Huggins Applied Healing

Hal Huggins, DDS, MS found that removing dental amalgam or root canal teeth could cause the onset of autoimmune disease if not done properly, so he developed the Huggins protocol that potentially gives far more benefit than risk. The website provides information on diseases related to mercury poisoning and inspiring testimonials. The group can also help you find a Huggins protocol dentist.

Dental Wellness Institute

Dr. Tom McGuire's Dental Wellness Institute is dedicated to educating the public on dental amalgam health hazards, mercury detoxification, and the relationship between oral and overall health. You can find a mercury-safe dentist in their database.

Mercury Free Dentists connects patients with mercury-safe dentists and accurate, timely information on the subjects of mercury toxicity and whole-body health. Find a holistic dentist by searching their database.

Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions

DAMS is a patient support organization for those with dental toxicity issues.

DAMS has an excellent compilation of scientific literature and a number of fact sheets documenting the adverse health and environmental effects of mercury from amalgam. For their list of safe dentists and information pack, visit DAMS.

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