Best Exercise for Weight Loss

Contrary to popular belief, the best exercise for weight loss is not cardio.

Best exercise for weight loss is not cardio

Yes, cardio exercise does offer many benefits. It can improve your mood, strengthen your heart and bones, promote body cleansing, and use a few calories.

But to burn fat fast, you need to raise your resting metabolic rate (RMR), which is not something cardio tends to do.

Burn More Calories While You Sleep

An hour of power walking might burn 300 calories. But on days you hit the snooze, your metabolism sleeps as well. You won't lose 300 more calories until next time.

Raising your resting metabolic rate means you burn more calories 24/7. It's real fat loss, real fast.

A Sure-Fire Way to Fix Slow Metabolism

There can be many reasons for slow metabolism such as hormonal issues and food additives or toxins that promote weight gain. But from a body composition view, it's all about muscle.

A pound of muscle burns around 50 calories per day. But a pound of fat burns only 5.

Use It or Lose It (Really)

As you age, your body naturally loses muscle tone.

After age 40, you can lose as much as a half pound of muscle per year! You can lose even more muscle with harsh dieting, poor nutrition, and a sedentary lifestyle. Less muscle means slower metabolism - and more fat.

The best exercise for weight loss addresses this core issue, which is muscle.

Benefits of Strength Training

Adding lean muscle to your body increases metabolism, which helps burn fat fast. This makes strength training by far the best exercise for weight loss.

Lean Muscle, Not Bulk!

Many people wrongly believe that strength training will make you bulky. The truth is, you only need modest strength training to slim down. Bulking up takes much more effort - and usually a few supplements.

Another wrong idea is that strength training is hard.

Just 15 minutes of strength training two or three times a week is all you need. The average cardio routine requires 30-60 minutes four or five times a week. 

Life Is Better with More Muscle

Life gets easier when you are strong

In addition to boosting your metabolism and reshaping your body, strength training also increases bone density, improves balance, makes activities of daily life easier, and prevents injury.

And if you do your strength training exercises properly, you also improve your flexibility and posture, which can relieve back pain and other chronic discomfort.

Boost Your Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone levels increase with cardio exercise, but strength training produces much higher levels. This helps repair and rebuild the body, slow the aging process, and maintain optimal health.

Keep It Simple - and Love It!

You don't need fancy equipment for a good workout. Even just the weight of your body will do. This video from shares a few ideas to get you started.

Now that I've been doing this a while, my favorite exercise is the burpee. It about killed me at first, but the all-over toning can't be beat!

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