Choosing the Best Colon Cleanse

Choosing the best colon cleanse could be the most important step you make in your journey to better health. The condition of your gut sets the stage for wellness or disease throughout your body, perhaps more than anything else.

Choose the best colon cleanse for success

And to heal your body, you must first heal your gut.

Cleanse Your GI Tract First

Before you begin any serious detox, you absolutely must have a clean GI tract to handle the extra toxins your body will release. And unless you consume an entirely unprocessed organic diet and live chemical free, your gut is most certainly overwhelmed by years of toxic buildup, often called mucoid plaque.

Why the Mucoid Plaque Must Go

Mucoid plaque is old putrefied waste that lines the colon and prevents proper absorption of nutrients, promotes constipation, hinders weight loss, and recycles poisons back into the body.

When you detox, this rubbery layer can trap toxins you're trying to release. It's like running with your shoes tied together. You're not going anywhere fast, and you may fall flat on your face.

What Is the Best Way to Cleanse Your Colon?

Most colon cleanse remedies involve adding extra fiber and water to your diet to promote regularity. This can "feel" like detox, especially if you tend to be constipated, but it does nothing to clear the old waste.

To actually heal your gut, you need to ditch the mucoid plaque. Colon hydrotherapy (colonics) can be a great option if affordable and available nearby. For home detox, the best colon cleanse by far is an herbal or oxygen-based product. Fermented foods (probiotics) can also help.

Herbal or Oxygen Colon Cleanse

Home colon cleanse products can be loosely grouped into two types: herbal and oxygen. An herbal colon cleanse combines ingredients from nature that gently stimulate the digestive tract to expel mucoid plaque while absorbing toxins for a smoother cleansing experience. You can also use a homemade herbal recipe, though products employ more complex formulas to work faster and better. 

An oxygen colon cleanse delivers magnesium oxide to liquefy old waste in the colon. You may never identify mucoid plaque, but you will notice more frequent bowel movements, potentially very loose. If you suffer from chronic constipation, an oxygen cleanse could be your new best friend! It will get you regular and keep you regular. GHC has a winner

What About Enemas and Constipation Remedies?

Home enemas and constipation remedies can be hugely important, especially if you suffer from chronic constipation or need quick relief. But they are incomplete in that an enema does not clean the entire digestive tract, and constipation remedies purge only the current waste, not the old.

Fermented Foods and Probiotics

Fermented foods or other sources of healthy natural probiotics will gradually change your gut flora to a healthy state, and no diet should be without them. But to jump start your detox, nothing beats a colon cleanse.

Speaking from personal experience, my results were so dramatic as far as what came out of my body and the immediate improvement in my skin, energy level, cranky IBS, and how I felt in general that it super motivated me. I also lost 5 pounds.

Three "Must Haves" for Your Best Colon Cleanse

I'm big into detox recipes as you tell from browsing my site. But for a smart colon cleanse, a product will almost always give you faster and more predictable results, with less cleansing symptoms as you detox. Here's what to look for.

A Beginning and an End

A true colon cleanse targets and clears mucoid plaque for a limited time, then gets you back to your usual routine. It is not a forever supplement. Any product you are required to take until death do you part is a completely different animal. It's called a wallet cleanse.

Quality Ingredients You Trust

Weak or compromised ingredients will limit your results or drag you along for an unpleasant ride. Anyone can make a laxative, and that's not what you want. Instead of getting sucked in by photos of beautiful people and hype, scrutinize the company. Do they focus on natural health?

Best Colon Cleanse Stories

Testimonies should be easy to find. Some people post their best colon cleanse pictures online! For negative reviews, look for whether the individual followed instructions and understood how a healing crisis produces symptoms first, then results.

Got Lactose Intolerance?

Lactose intolerance and IBS may not be what you think. Colon cleansing will help, and so will these two weird tricks.

Colon Cleanse Q&A

Are There Side Effects to Colon Cleansing?

Yes, but let's define "colon cleanse side effects." While it's possible to react to an ingredient, usually these side effects are merely cleansing symptoms that prove real change is taking place.

How Much Weight Loss Can You Expect?

The weight you lose on a colon cleanse can be from dropping the mucoid plaque or dietary changes while on the cleanse. Improving your digestion and nutritional status also begins a positive chain reaction that can shed further pounds and inches.

Can You Use Psyllium and Bentonite as a Colon Cleanse?

Yes, although not everyone responds well. The fastest and easiest way to cleanse is to pay a little extra for a quality product. But if you do go for the P&B shakes, I highly recommend a third ingredient

Does Bentonite Clay Make You Constipated?

When you use bentonite for detox, your gut will likely make a few adjustments. Some people initially experience constipation due to the strong pulling effect that draws toxins from the body and old waste from the colon. You can drink more water or less bentonite while your body finds the right balance.

Should You Choose an Herbal or Oxygen Colon Cleanse?

I believe an herbal cleanse is the fastest and most decisive way to eliminate the mucoid plaque. You start, you finish, you move on. My favorite herbal cleanse takes just 9 days! But if you are concerned about allergic reactions to the herbs or struggle with constipation, the best colon cleanse for you personally might be an oxygen cleanse.

What Is the Best Colon Cleanse for Constipation?

An oxygen colon cleanse will safely liquefy the mucoid plaque and relieve constipation without herbal bulking agents that may exacerbate the problem. For fast temporary relief, try a constipation remedy or homemade enema.

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